Wahoo Kickr Core Not Reading Power

My third Kickr Core should be shipped in the next few days. My first lasted 3 weeks, my second (with the new power block) less than 24 hours. Customer service has been okay, however they will not refund your money, only send out replacements. I have owned a Kickr Core for just under 2 months, and four weeks of that will have been spent shipping units back and forth. The LBS I bought it from has been fantastic, and as soon as I receive the replacement Kickr I will be trading it in for a Tacx Neo…

Support has been pretty responsive on my 2 Cores and I initiated both tickets electronically (no phone convo.) It both cases, I created a ticket late in the day (trying to ride after work and the Core dies) and support has followed up the next day. They are upgrading me to the Kick’18 after my second Core failure and i just waiting for it to ship now. 14 weeks until Ironman Chattanooga and I need a lot of “butt in seat” time.

My Kicker Core died to ESD after 2 weeks of good work, in fact I felt electric kick when I touched my bike the day it died. it’s wierd because I never got electric-kicked by enything in my appartment before, it has 50% humidity all year long…
Wahoo response was quick, I got this response today:
“We are currently about a week out on shipping these replacements. You will be receiving a new, tested unit.”
So we’ll wait and see…

I got the same “a week out on shipping replacements” message and then got a tracking number the following day. So there is hope you unit will ship sooner. Good luck!

The same problem after 3 months excellent performance.

I got my new replacement unit of Wahoo Kickr 2018. I am back in business now -Damn I like it with Zwift! So motivated Indoor training. Hopefully I don’t have any problems in the future. Customer support very responsible.

Just wanted to chime in and say that I’m having the same issue … but I have a refurb V.1

I can do spin downs with the Fitness app and Z, unpair the former and connect via Bluetooth all around for Z but when I go into user settings I can see the Power from trainer grayed out. Z won’t pick up that signal. I unpaired and tried other apps and got the same no power reading, despite successful pairing.

I don’t have static issues, and the brick is showing a connection light.

The known issues with the Core are ESD and noise caused by the keyway fit. I’m wondering if there’s an issue with sensors across the range. The V.1 had flaky optical sensor issues, so I’m hoping a new top cap w/sensor can fix it as otherwise I’m out of warranty + luck. lf I have to buy a new trainer it’ll probably be a Snap.

My third Kickr Core should be shipped this week. My first lasted about 3 weeks, my second (with the new power block) about 10 days.
This replacement should be with a new generation Electronic Board inside. Well, let’s see…

Well, I just wanted to chime in too. Returned my broken Tacx Flow three days ago, got myself a Wahoo Kickr Core yesterday and tested it quickly and made sure it powers up and connects to mobile phone and Zwift. Today I set up the thing properly and noticed it is dead. No power, no speed.

Already sent a message to customer service but haven’t got any replies.

Open it up and replace the belt… Small black pieces of belt eventually get chewed up and stay around the gears and starts causing noises and roughness… YOu can find those GATES belts on line and dont have to buy from Wahoo… Much cheaper

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Thank you for info/help … appreciate it :+1:
… but luckily I needn’t to fiddle with Wahoo any more … I already returned my Kickr18 (more problems) and have bought Neo2

Set up my brand new Kickr Core last night, and it’s dead out of the box. Like everyone else posting, it pairs fine with just about anything (Wahoo app, Zwift, Garmin head unit) but won’t transmit any data. Ordered through a reseller and they are taking it back for full refund (including shipping). Guess I’ll stick with my dumb fluid trainer a while longer.

Hey, me too, first Kickr Core gave no power or speed 5 minutes into my second ride. Took it back to REI and got another one, 6 minutes into my second ride it quit registering power and speed. The ESD issue makes no sense as both times it just stopped reading during a ride. I thought they had worked their issues out months ago. I guess not. I cant believe that they have issues with only 5% of their units as they say. Too many people here having issues with multiple units.

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Update: decided to take the plunge and get a Tacx Neo 2. Also saw the news from last week that Tacx is being acquired by Garmin.

Hi Stefan,

I am also waiting for a new Kickr Core with a new generation Electronic Board inside. It is also my third. Same story as yours. After 5 days they still didn’t send it.

Did you get yours already? What is your experiance with this upgraded kickr core. Please let me know.

Hello Jernej,
No - my Kickr Core is still not arrived till now :sleepy:
The shipping with FEDEX is directly from Atlanta with an- I hope - upgraded Electronic Board.
The estimated Arrival is next Monday 04.03. so I wait for 3 Weeks.
Well let’s see…

Hi Stefan,

Same here. I will get my new kickr core on Monday from Atlanta too. Looks like we are the first to try it.
I waited for 2 weeks. I hope this new model works as it should. I will let you know how it goes.

Good luck.

Same problem for me. My first ride on the Kickr was great on Zwift for 1 hour. The next ride no power/speed. I tried all possible fixes and still no power/speed. I submitted a ticket and got a response the next day. Great customer service got me a 2nd Kickr in less than a week. Two rides so far on the new one and no problems. I’ll post an update in a month, or sooner if it stops working.

My third KICKR Core with the new Electronic Board is arrived from Atlanta - still testing now for about 10 Days so far with no Problems.
So far - so good :face_with_monocle: :four_leaf_clover:

I hate to add another +1 post, but my kicker core lasted a week. I’ll be exchanging it today. The LBC assured us wahoo had fixed the problems in the core so I decided with it instead of the Tax Flux. Well it looks like they have more work to do.