Wahoo Kickr Core Not Reading Power

(Owen) #106

I am just speculating here but perhaps we should read between the lines of these statements about the power brick. Maybe the new brick does not address the issue directly (meaning the unit still has high ESD sensitivity) but instead it either minimized the ESD that can hit the board either through improved suppression or improved grounding. So maybe the idea is to give the block to people that have had the issue therefore minimizing the possibility of recurrence but not really eliminating the core issue. Make sense? Again, just my speculation…

(David) #107

I’m having the same issue. Extremely frustrating and a waste of the day. My second trainer now.

(David W) #108

Another followup -

I picked up the replacement Kickr Core on Friday night and set it up today. When I started to spin, it makes a rubbing, scraping, or grinding noise whenever the flywheel is turning. That can’t be normal, so it looks like I got another defective unit.

I made a video and sent it to Wahoo support. I hope their solution isn’t to send me yet another one. It’s a bit of a hassle to take the cassette off and on, box up the defective unit, take it to FedEx for return shipping, pick up the new unit at a different UPS location, blah blah. So unless there is an extremely easy fix to this problem, I’m giving up on Wahoo. Fortunately, I have not sent the original unit back, so I’ll return that to REI and get my money back and return the defective replacement unit to Wahoo.

(Dave) #109

Same issue just occurred for me after one ride.

(Alexis) #110

I had a new Kickr 18 delivered 3 days ago, and after only one ride of 30 minutes, it has stopped transmitting speed/power. I have tried all the fixes suggested by Wahoo, but no luck.
Very disappointing. I am now waiting for a response from Wiggle.

(Owen) #111

If the information and theories are correct that the “not reading power” failures are ESD related, I predict that this will be a bad week for Wahoo customer service. 85% of the US is below freezing!

My failure occurred on a morning when it was 5 degrees F outside. Coincidence?

As an updated to my my personal situation, Wahoo has been very responsive and had a new unit on my doorstep 1 week from my date of failure. Unfortunately, the new unit did not include the updated power brick so they overnighted me one. I should be back up an running by this evening. It is going to be very cold here in NY for the next few days so hopefully the new unit with new brick survives!

(Brad) #112

I had the same issue, and they have been very un-responsive for me. I had a KICK 2014 prior to this, and it was rock solid. I upgraded for the 12x148 axle. I also sold the 2014 unit the day before the CORE failed. Such a bummer!

Also worth noting that my floor is laminate, and in a Colorado high-country basement, so its pretty dry though. I never notice ESD down there.

(Steve) #113

Add me to the list. Got my kickr core on 26th December, for my 40th. Has worked for 4 weeks and now the same as above. Just sit at side of road and spindown not reading at all. Have emailed a ticket to wahoo but cannot find receipt wife gave me from local bike shop at all. Will wahoo still replace it? I am concerned the next one will just be the same and am strongly thinking about changing makes. However, who refunds me…wahoo or the local bike shop where it was bought???

(Pd) #114

You are not alone - returned my first unit because of exact same issue, made them test replacement in store in front of me, took home working unit, 1 ride and 2nd unit has same issue - connects to Wahoo, no Pwr or Spd/Dist. Wahoo Kickr Core, despite $900 is poorly quality. I have 20 hours into trying to resolve this issue. Going to return for my money back… Tacx or Hammer seem better choices…

(Owen) #115

I doubt Wahoo would replace the unit without a receipt. If your wife used a credit card, you could print out the transaction, that might be enough. If not, you could just ask your LBS to print or make a receipt for you. I would think they would prefer to do this vs. taking it back.

And personally, I would opt to get the replacement through Wahoo specifically to get the new power brick. I don’t know if that will solve the ESD/No Power failures but it is not worth the risk if you have already experienced a failure. If you were to exchange at your LBS, you would not get the new brick and would likely have the same failure again.

Wahoo Customer Service was reasonable to work with. If you give them everything they ask for they should get a replacement out to you quickly. I was back up and running in 7 days. I used the online ticket system and it worked well. One note however… Don’t send multiple messages. Every time you send them a message, you move to the end of the line. They got back to me within 24 hours at every interaction.

I did my first ride on my replacement unit and new brick this morning and everything went fine. It was also -4 F outside so maximum dry/ESD conditions. Fingers crossed!

(Brad) #116

I have a NEO-2 arriving tomorrow…

(Roy) #117

Soooo frustrated. Many of you are far more patient and understanding. I feel that for the price this unit should, by and large perform flawlessly. I’m on my second (and last) Kickr Core. I simply do not have the patience. Same exact problem as everyone here. Starts up and spin up goes great. Even got in a ride one each one. Go back for ride 2 and: goose egg. Nothing. Won’t read power or speed. It’s connected just fine.

I bought the Kickr because I have two friends who rave about theirs. Well, they can keep them. I think Wahoo should be embarrassed to sell a product like this. It’s great that many people have working units. But for the numbers of us who do not, who wait on calls, for emails and for some support, it’s pathetic and not at all what a successful company should be behaving like.

I say goodbye and won’t try their products again.

(Pete T) #118

I bought the Kickr Core a week ago and tested it for the first time today. Out of the box DOA, not reading power or speed.

I returned it to the store I bought it from and they asked me if I wanted a new one or my money back. I had not read this thread so I opted to get a new one. I am quite sure I will have the same ESD problem with the new unit.

If the second unit fails I will probably get my money back and buy a Tacx Flux 2 Smart trainer. Or does someone else have another suggestion for a trainer in the same price range as the Kickr Core?

(Louis) #119

Another unhappy customer here… Had my Kikr Core since Dec 24th, had spindown issues in both Wahoo apps, but was able to use the Zwift spindown. Have ridden most days since.

Forward to this morning. Set everything up, music, water, trainer, selected ride in Zwift, and… no power readings, sitting on the side of the road in Richmond.

Did all the troubleshooting, rebooted everything to no avail. Have a ticket open with Wahoo support, but reading this, I am not optimistic about eventual outcome.

(Brad) #120

NEO2 came today, set it up and got it all connected. There is no comparison - this thing is a tank. Too bad their thru-axle capability isn’t a true thru-axle, but other than that, so far no regrets. Different price range altogether of course, but this will outlast me I think…

(Louis) #121

To their credit, Wahoo got back to me in less than 24 hours - and is sending me a new unit. FIngers crossed!

(Mike Montgomery) #122

Second Kickr core died today. I managed to get 6 rides in before the second unit also lost the ability to send pwr and speed. I just opened a new support ticket so we’ll see what they say. This unit came with an updated power brick, but that didn’t seem to make difference.

On my original ticket, Wahoo instructed me to keep the 1st unit until I confirmed the second was working. I wanted more than a few successful rides before I declared the issue fixed so I haven’t shipped the 1st unit back. It’s crazy to be staring at 2 dead units while the days until IM Choo just click by.

(Miha V) #123

Had two cores die on me too, the second one with the grounded power supply. Got upgraded to kickr 2018, made sure I grounded the frame as a precaution and so far it hasn’t been a problem. Make sure they upgrade you to the full kickr.

(Christopher) #124

Well I’m glad I found info shared in this thread, but frustrated this ESD issue impacted me today on my 6 week old Kickr Core. I sure hope that the root cause of this is getting addressed and new units with the same level of susceptibility aren’t out there but it doesn’t sound like the case. Support ticket logged today as no one was available to answer the phone at Wahoo. Hoping for a fast resolution but I’m not alone by any means!

(Christopher) #125

Good suggestion to run a ground wire from the kickr frame to something.