Wahoo Kickr Core Not Reading Power

Wahoo Ceo address the .“no speed/power” issue today. Watch this…Wahoo KICKR18/CORE Issues: Discussion with Wahoo CEO - YouTube

Hi Dave

I’m a little bit late with my response … I can confirm your observation. Several days ago I unpacked my new Neo2. As You stated: Day and Night. Everything works flawlessly … knocking on the wood :wink:

The trainer runs “smooth as silk” - simply awesome experience. Downhill, uphill, flats, all … it’s pure joy to use it … Also, I can keep my power output better balanced than before. Everything has paired in one step - no problems. As all data are present in one channel (cadence, power, control) I can pair trainer with my AppleTV without Companion App (now I use it just for remote control). No signals drop yet. Great. Knocking on the wood, again :wink:

I already sent defective Wahoo back to supplier asking for the refund. Not sure how it will end (I owned Kickr for almost three months). But even they will refuse return/refund and will send me a new unit, I’m not going to use it at all - I totally lost my confidence in Wahoo brand. Probably will try to sell it for any reasonable price. Definitely, I’ll stick with Neo2 …

Followup - I decided to give the Core another chance and contacted Wahoo to get my DOA unit replaced. I’m supposedly in the queue to get a new one. Not sure when that will happen. Meanwhile, they have my money.

Then I watched the video with the Wahoo CEO. Everybody praises him for acknowledging the problems, but I’m not so sure. I’m an engineer and understand that mistakes happen, but they’ve known about the no-speed, no-power issue, yet they still shipped units to unsuspecting customers. That’s poor policy and is borderline fraudulent.

And a slight bit of static electricity fries the electronics? That’s weak. I live in the DC area, not Albuquerque. Sure, we have some cold, dry days in the winter, but I’ve never fried any of my other electronics with a little bit of static electricity. My TVs, iPhones, laptops, bluetooth speakers, bike computers, running watches, and coffee maker have survived many years here without getting zapped. I’m not really buying the CEO’s explanation. He also said that they’ve always had this problem, but they had so many other problems that this one was buried. That is nothing to be proud of.



Wahoo sent replacement Kickr Core within a couple of business days.

It has worked nicely for one month now. Many terrific rides.

So far so good. I continue to keep my fingers crossed. When it works as advertised, the Core is a great smart trainer.

What surprised me - he even didn’t explain another serious issue of Kickr18 (I know this thread is about Core, but let me share it here ) … which is infamous “drone sound”… very often accompanied by very strong vibration going through bike’s frame.

OK, he mentioned once there can be some seldom vibrations and this is normal. Nope … the vibrations my Kickr produced were anything but normal. Nasty, strong and very loud … I’m not pro, but if I may guess it has something to do with flywheel … (Wahoo increased flywheel size/weight for new Kickr - maybe there is a problem ? ) … or bearing or something like that. Anyway, it seems to be some serious design error to my humble eyes - not easy to fix.

Agree … if it’s working, it’s nice equipment. Problem is it often failed recently and as David mentioned above the CEO’s explanation doesn’t sound too much trustworthy (my opinion). Hope I’m wrong here and their new power unit would fix this issue.

My 2 week old Kickr 18 just crapped out yesterday with the same no power hardware issue. Wahoo approved the replacement today. I hope the process does not take too long. I burned myself out on trainers many years ago but I have really been enjoying the Kickr and Zwift combo. And I hope the new power block helps eliminate future issues…

The explanation that Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo, gave in his video interview with DC Rainmaker makes sense; I purchased two Kickr Cores for my wife and I about a month apart. They both stopped reading power/speed in early January. I live in a cold, dry climate (Northern Wisconsin), where shocking your finger when touching metal in the house is a fairly common occurrence, so the electro static discharge (ESD) issue does explain why both of our Kickr Cores broke. Problem is, the power bricks I currently have with these broken Kickrs is grounded, yet these still got fried. I am being shipped new ones this week, but this video does not mention a timeline for the fix of the ESD diode being installed on the board that Chip mentioned in this interview video. Seeing as both my Kickrs got fried with a grounded power supply, and reading all the other comments of going through multiple units, I’m concerned that just getting new ones with grounded power supply (which I already have) will not solve the issue and this will happen again, as it happened to both my current units. I’d hate to have to go through this hassle again.

Hello everyone… So I thought I share this video from DC Rainmaker, who had the chance to speak with the CEO of Wahoo Fitness. You’ll get a chance to listen to him explain all the issues they have had with their product as well as how they are fixing them.
Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MgromwkTOs

Continuing the discussion from Wahoo Kickr Core Not Reading Power:

So here I am, my third Kickr Core has failed, this time after less than 10 minutes, I didn’t even manage to get a spindown completed. Wahoo told me that the ‘London Service Manager’ would personally test the third unit, this didn’t happen as the DPD tracking information had it posted from Belgium straight to my house. I have gone back to Sigma Sports and asked them to supply a Tacx Flux S ASAP as I’ve now wasted six weeks with broken trainers. For Wahoo to claim that any static discharge could fry the unit is unacceptable. I suppose it’s my fault for having carpets in the house.image|626x499

I found some additional info at DCR’s blog (in the discussion below Wahoo issue video). It tells the problem is not “power brick” but “circuit in the unit itself”. Let me say, I’m confused a little bit now …

Also, this is worthy of notice - some additional info about the possible source of “drone sound” (vibrations+buzzing) which affects Kickr 18

I am just speculating here but perhaps we should read between the lines of these statements about the power brick. Maybe the new brick does not address the issue directly (meaning the unit still has high ESD sensitivity) but instead it either minimized the ESD that can hit the board either through improved suppression or improved grounding. So maybe the idea is to give the block to people that have had the issue therefore minimizing the possibility of recurrence but not really eliminating the core issue. Make sense? Again, just my speculation…

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I’m having the same issue. Extremely frustrating and a waste of the day. My second trainer now.

Another followup -

I picked up the replacement Kickr Core on Friday night and set it up today. When I started to spin, it makes a rubbing, scraping, or grinding noise whenever the flywheel is turning. That can’t be normal, so it looks like I got another defective unit.

I made a video and sent it to Wahoo support. I hope their solution isn’t to send me yet another one. It’s a bit of a hassle to take the cassette off and on, box up the defective unit, take it to FedEx for return shipping, pick up the new unit at a different UPS location, blah blah. So unless there is an extremely easy fix to this problem, I’m giving up on Wahoo. Fortunately, I have not sent the original unit back, so I’ll return that to REI and get my money back and return the defective replacement unit to Wahoo.

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Same issue just occurred for me after one ride.

I had a new Kickr 18 delivered 3 days ago, and after only one ride of 30 minutes, it has stopped transmitting speed/power. I have tried all the fixes suggested by Wahoo, but no luck.
Very disappointing. I am now waiting for a response from Wiggle.

If the information and theories are correct that the “not reading power” failures are ESD related, I predict that this will be a bad week for Wahoo customer service. 85% of the US is below freezing!

My failure occurred on a morning when it was 5 degrees F outside. Coincidence?

As an updated to my my personal situation, Wahoo has been very responsive and had a new unit on my doorstep 1 week from my date of failure. Unfortunately, the new unit did not include the updated power brick so they overnighted me one. I should be back up an running by this evening. It is going to be very cold here in NY for the next few days so hopefully the new unit with new brick survives!

I had the same issue, and they have been very un-responsive for me. I had a KICK 2014 prior to this, and it was rock solid. I upgraded for the 12x148 axle. I also sold the 2014 unit the day before the CORE failed. Such a bummer!

Also worth noting that my floor is laminate, and in a Colorado high-country basement, so its pretty dry though. I never notice ESD down there.

Add me to the list. Got my kickr core on 26th December, for my 40th. Has worked for 4 weeks and now the same as above. Just sit at side of road and spindown not reading at all. Have emailed a ticket to wahoo but cannot find receipt wife gave me from local bike shop at all. Will wahoo still replace it? I am concerned the next one will just be the same and am strongly thinking about changing makes. However, who refunds me…wahoo or the local bike shop where it was bought???

You are not alone - returned my first unit because of exact same issue, made them test replacement in store in front of me, took home working unit, 1 ride and 2nd unit has same issue - connects to Wahoo, no Pwr or Spd/Dist. Wahoo Kickr Core, despite $900 is poorly quality. I have 20 hours into trying to resolve this issue. Going to return for my money back… Tacx or Hammer seem better choices…