Wahoo Kickr Core loses power when starting the game

At the beginning of the week, a new phenomenon arose that I had not encountered before.
Wahoo Kickr Core - latest firmware version
Apple TV - latest version of software
Wahoo Tickr hrm- latest version of firmware
Bluetooth connection to Apple TV
It is possible to connect and pair everything, but as soon as I enter the game, the power drops immediately to finally stop completely and my avatar stands still.

  • I have not run it in erg mode
  • I have no other new bluetooth connections nearby
  • I have not moved around on anything at all
  • Everything has worked without problems in the past

I have been able to restart the game by completely turning off the power to Kickr and after a few tries it works again, but I have never had to do that before.
Is this something that more people have encountered lately?