Wahoo Kickr Core + Apple Tv. ERG DOES NOT WORK


I hope that somebody could help me.

I have tried the Zwift academy Tri and the watts did not change when it should increase the power. Even if I turn ERG MODE off with Zwift Companion, the watts did not change.
I spindown with Wahoo and Zwift but the problem is still there.

I updated the app to the last version 18/1/2020

I would really need your help.

Thank you.

Hi there, I have also reported this issue and it is a know problem. Here is their reply when I sent them a support query:

Hi Steven,

Thanks for providing more information about your issue!

At this time, we’re aware of this known issue involving Apple® TV, Zwift Companion’s Bluetooth Bridge and the Wahoo Kickr.

While we’re currently working on fixing it—please, if you could use your iPad or try using the native BLE connection on the Apple® TV. We realize this is an inconvenience and we do apologize for it.

In the meantime please keep the Zwift App up to date. When we’ve created a fix for the issue, it will be included in a future update.

We appreciate your patience while we get this sorted out.

Ride On.