Wahoo Kickr Core 1.1.1 firmware issues

let us know! I purchased an ANT+ dongle but it didn’t work…so I sent it back.

Got the ANT+ dongle today, plugged into MacBook and disabled bluetooth.
Launched Zwift and it used ANT+ to connect to Core & Tickr Fit with no problem!

I updated the Core firmware back to 1.1.3, restarted everything and rode “Fire & Ice” today.
Up and down the Alpe the resistance was spot on, as was the Kickr Climb, no dropouts. ~90 minute ride 42KM covered.

I’m optimistic this could be resolved by switching from bluetooth to ANT+, but more rides will need to happen before I can claim any victory. Today felt great though, well worth the $20 for the ANT+ dongle.

Search amazon for “CyCPLUS USB ANT+” and skip past the sponsored results for the one I purchased, its available with or without a 6 foot cable for either 15 or 20 bucks


1.1.3 on the Core, connecting to Mac with ANT+ dongle (using the FE-C profile)

Over the last 5 days covered about 130km & ~3.5 hrs riding time ; haven’t had a single out of sync feeling. ridden in London, Makuri Islands, Watopia worlds.

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Great! I ordered one, too.