Wahoo Kickr Core 1.1.1 firmware issues

let us know! I purchased an ANT+ dongle but it didn’t work…so I sent it back.

Got the ANT+ dongle today, plugged into MacBook and disabled bluetooth.
Launched Zwift and it used ANT+ to connect to Core & Tickr Fit with no problem!

I updated the Core firmware back to 1.1.3, restarted everything and rode “Fire & Ice” today.
Up and down the Alpe the resistance was spot on, as was the Kickr Climb, no dropouts. ~90 minute ride 42KM covered.

I’m optimistic this could be resolved by switching from bluetooth to ANT+, but more rides will need to happen before I can claim any victory. Today felt great though, well worth the $20 for the ANT+ dongle.

Search amazon for “CyCPLUS USB ANT+” and skip past the sponsored results for the one I purchased, its available with or without a 6 foot cable for either 15 or 20 bucks


1.1.3 on the Core, connecting to Mac with ANT+ dongle (using the FE-C profile)

Over the last 5 days covered about 130km & ~3.5 hrs riding time ; haven’t had a single out of sync feeling. ridden in London, Makuri Islands, Watopia worlds.


Great! I ordered one, too.

I’d been noticing that my performance on Zwift had been quite down on where it was last summer despite still training regularly (I have a 1.5 year old Kickr Core connected to a Windows 10 PC using ANT+ and mainly do workouts using ERG mode). I’d also been having dropouts with bluetooth, having the pedals go really stiff when I first started pedalling and the trainer would be really hot after a session, so much so that I could barely touch the flywheel. After reading this post I decided to revert the software on my Kickr Core from 1.1.3 back to 1.0.13 today and did a factory spindown and overnight it feels like my FTP has gone up by 20+ watts and the trainer was a much more reasonable temperature when I finished. Hopefully this continues to be the case! Its kind of crazy a firmware “upgrade” would cause more problems.

Am using an ATV so only Bluetooth is the option :frowning:

UPDATE: I did a few more tests. And TL;DR: Good news - the latest Zwift update seems to work for me

I use: Wahoo Kickr Core, Macbook Pro 15" 2017

-I bought an ANT+ Stick plus cable like @Kerry_O_Neill recommended (I did buy it on Aliexpress, price: 10$ incl. shipping - search for " CYCPLUS USB ANT+ Stick Dongle ANT Transmitter Receiver for Garmin Bicycle Computer Cycling Bluetooth Speed Cadence Sensor"). Everything working fine with ANT+ (disabled bluetooth before starting the Zwift app)

-BUT: There is also a new Zwift update ( * Mac : v 1.21.2 (build 1.0.100353) (January 21 2022), and after reading positive things in other threads in this forum, I was eager to try bluetooth again with the latest firmware 1.1.3. I unpaired the Kickr Core from my Wahoo app - repaired again, installed firmware 1.1.3., did a new spindown and started the latest Zwift version 1.21.2. And: so far so good - it seems, everything working flawlessly again. I did a short round in “Titan’s Grove” and noticed the fast changes in resistance. Then did Reverse KOM - resistance was spot on. Will try to do a longer ride soon with bluetooth only. If it somehow fails again I can always fall back to ANT+.

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@Tom_Hagler any update? Still going well? If so I will try on iPad and repost back.


About 100k now with 1.1.3 on the Kickr Core and the latest Zwift version. So far so good! Sometimes there are short drops in power (really short, not even a second). I think I experienced it twice on my last 50k ride. But I think those things happened even with the downgraded Kickr and are not related to the FTMS problems. Resistance seemed to be all normal - and I did a lot of climbing. Let’s hope they won’t kill it again. But I still have the ANT+ stick…

Sadly, I am joining those for whom the Kickr Core is doing funny things. Been on since September, and up until a few weeks ago, I thought it was me. I’d be just fine and comfortable in a blob, but as soon as we reached an appreciable climb such as Epic KOM, I would ramp up my effort, my hr would start going up, but the power would decrease and the blob would just ride away from me in less than a minute. Yesterday, I did the firmware downgrade, but then I couldn’t pair up. So, I went back to the current firmware, and things paired up immediately. It was a recovery day, I did an easy hour and didn’t really test things. I’m running Windows 10 and blue tooth.

I would try the following:
-downgrade firmware again
-go to wahoo app and bluetooth settings and forget the kickr
-re-pair the kickr with the wahoo app
-do a spindown
-turn off pc/laptop bluetooth
-start zwift
-on the pairing screen turn on bluetooth again
-wait until all sensors paired or pair manually
-try riding again

I wanted to leave it a good few rides before reporting back to be sure about what I was seeing, but in short, after 2w and perhaps 8 free-rides, it finally seems to be working properly for me with firmware 1.1.3 connecting via BT to an iPad running either of the most recent versions of Zwift.

If anything changes, I’ll post back again, but for now, things seem, dare I say, fixed for me.

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Things appear to working for me now. First I updated to the old firmware, but couldn’t pair up so then I immediately updated to the most recent again. A couple of weeks and things are normal, even on climbing ADZ which I’ve done several times since then. Had occasion to speak to Wahoo customer service today and asked if it made sense that my actions took care of the problem. The rep said it made sense, because the update to the old overwrote what was probably a corrupt file and the last update was with an uncorrupt file. (IMO, maybe that wasn’t the most direct route to correcting problems caused by a corrupt file, but it’s working.)