Wahoo Kickr Core 1.1.1 firmware issues

Tx you…. Do I just leave it at 1.1.1 … I can put it to 1.0.13

im still running 1.0.13 with no problems and if you read above it seems most people who were having issues are now using 1.0.13 too

I feel like a kid I’m so pleased. I’ve set trainer to 1.0.13
I’m going to do a workout & see if the fix works :blush:🤸🤸🤸

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good luck, let us know how you get on

Hey Tom & Mark

Just letting you know I completed a workout with quick segment changes and everything seems to be working properly. Thank you once sgain . You guys rock!! :+1:


Very glad to hear! Now if only Zwift would actually read these forum threads and finally make their software work…over 6 months we have this bug now. Can’t believe it…



I totally agree. This bug has been going far too long. Even if they came out with a temporary fix until they sorted out the problem. Their help desk was not helpful at all, just said someone would contact me which they never did. The Zwift community are so lucky that we have people like yourself who are IT savvy & can’t help with various issues.
Thank you again.
Best wishes
Rick Goris


Glad you are sorted, one day we may get a firmware update that fixes the issue :crossed_fingers:

I did create the ticket. Their ultimate response was that they don’t have access to the Kickr Core to test, so they can’t do much…
I have the latest Zwift update, so re-applied the latest firmware before doing a ride in Wandering Flats… Seemed OK, then joined a ride on Neokyo All-nighter… gradient drifted out of sync pretty dramatically by the mid-point.
I’m rolling the firmware back to 1.0.13

That’s a really lame excuse for a company this big. At least the must have someone in the Beta-Test crowd with a Kickr Core!

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I just wrote them again…really can’t believe it. I mean Kickr Core must be one of the most popular smart trainers!!!

UPDATE: Problem is again forwarded to dev team (hopefully). Answer was probably prewritten, since they suggested upgrading the Kickr Firmware :rofl: did they even take the time to read this thread?!?!

Yup, same here. I saw Shane’s video and thought it was worth a try.

Resistance is all over the place so I’m going to have to roll back the kickr yet again :pensive:

What kind of nonsense is that? There aren’t 1 million devices out there, and with the number of monthly users you’d expect they have at least 1 device of each of the popular models out there.
It’s not as if we are talking about some Aliexpress turbo trainer here.

This is just sad. They happily take money each month while not fixing issues that makes the platform unusable for many users.

I’m currently on 1.0.13 too in order to have a working setup.

I’m on 1.1.3 (latest) for my kickr core, and haven’t seen any issues (using iPad Pro), is it only certain setups that have issues with 1.1.3? Or am I just lucky?

Edit: Using bluetooth.

seems to be just on certain setups - really hard to find out where the problem lies. Not an engineer, but I guess it could be a certain type of bluetooth hardware in Macbooks, Apple TVs etc. not working correctly with the software and the Kickr FTMS-Update…

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For me the issue seems sporadic, only affecting some rides. I use an iPad Air 4, and have now downgraded the Kickr Core to 1.0.13; so far so good (although the reduced base resistance compared to 1.1.1 and newer takes a bit of getting used to).

I also dual-connect the Kickr Core to my phone as well as the iPad, although I assume not everyone here is doing that, so it’s unlikely to be the cause.

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Same problem here :frowning: Brand new Kickr Core, upgraded to latest firmware v1.1.3, and resistance appears completely off. Even inclines and descents feel the same. Performed spindown calibration through both Zwift and the Wahoo App with no change. I’ve now downgraded the firmware to 1.0.13, plus calibration, and it feels a lot better now. Zwift is being run through a Apple TV HD. Having to downgrade firmware feels a major issue to me and a complete no-no.

Does this happen when using ANT+ or only bluetooth?

I’m on 10.0.13 now because of this sync issue, but I’m having bluetooth dropouts now… that I never experienced before (MacBook). I think I may just buy an ANT+ dongle; wondering if I can go to 1.1.3 successfully with ANT+ or the sync issue still happens.

Looking at getting a direct drive soon to get off the wk snap. This tread has been helpful in knowing what to look for if I get the core or maybe get another company model to avoid these problems.