Wahoo Kickr Bike crashing on ride start

Hi in the past week I’ve been unable to use the Kickr Bike with Apple TV (and in a separate test, with Zwift on a W11 laptop), both at Zwift v1.44, as every time I start a ride, the App drops out of Zwift altogether. Pairing to Zwift on my Android phone (at 1.44 also) doesn’t have this issue - so therefore I think I can eliminate a domestic, firewall or internet issue. Getting into the app, pairing (either via the Companion to enable steering, or directly via bluetooth, ignoring steering), navigating menus etc is fine - until a ride (group, race, free or scheduled workout) is selected. At this point, my Avatar is placed in the relevant world, and if say, I’m on a RoboPacer ride, it’ll say ‘Searching for {whoever}’ then the App will stop.
So surprised if this is only me, but I don’t see it reported elsewhere. Any hints, anyone?

Sorry Mike, but my Kickr bike has been fine today & since update / roll-back…
Windows 11

Yeah, it may not be anything to do with the equipment but there’s something going on (for me) at the software level. I’ll try again later but don’t expect any change as it has been like this since Tuesday last week (despite uninstalling and re-installing Zwift on ATV)

Tried something else - selected Run (I don’t have a treadmill so nothing paired), just view, game tries to enter Watopia, and crashes.

Hi @Mike_Wall_COPZ

Shuji at Zwift HQ here - I peeked at your server logs and I’m seeing what you describe - logging in to your Samsung, then logging into your Apple TV, and also a Windows machine in the mix there.

One issue that will cause all sorts of problems is concurrent logins to the same account on different machines. You’re no doubt doing this to troubleshoot, but be aware concurrent logins create a whole range of weird symptoms, and it could be playing a role in your case.

  1. Please save & trash the session from each device.
  2. Force-close the mobile apps on Android and Apple TV. Backgrounding the app is not the same things as force-closing. If you want to be really thorough - power off & reboot all your devices.
  3. Wait 2 minutes for the server to recognize all the sessions have terminated.
  4. Log in on your preferred device, and only that device.

Please try that. Does the app perform as it should?

Hi, yes that was only done to troubleshoot so isnt the cause of the issue.

HOWEVER it has now been resolved - for a second time, I’ve fully reinstalled Zwift (now 1.44.2) on Windows 11, and that has, as of Saturday, sorted it. And same on ATV, a second delete, reinstall and forced restart of the device. So it would appear that in two, separate, instances, the updates didnt update correctly first (automatically) and 2nd (manually) time, but did on a third try. Will continue to monitor but for now looks ok

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