Wahoo kickr bike can not speed more than 25 mph

I just gotten wahoo kickr bike and use with Zwift but it’s hard to speed up more than 25 mph even i try to spin up.Maybe something I not know.Who can suggeted me?

Hi @Chaw_Sre

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Please give us more details about the system.

How did you pair the bike?

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Hi @Chaw_Sre, welcome to Zwift. The speeds in Zwift are based on a physics model that calculates your speed using your power output instead of using the flywheel speed of the trainer/bike so it often won’t match up with other sources that read your speed. What is the Watt range that you’re seeing in the top left corner of the HUD while riding?

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I just had a look at your rides in Companion. You seem to riding in Zwift at averages of less than 1W/kg, even though you’re pedalling at a reasonably normal cadence. (Perhaps towards the lower end of the range, but still.)

If you’re using a new Wahoo KICKR bike, I’d check that it’s fully set up as per the instructions and that you’re able to access the full range of (virtual) gears that it offers. It sounds like you’re stuck in a very low gear.
At the same time, it’s also worth checking that your weight is correctly entered in Zwift.
Hope this helps.

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thank you every one,now I can speed up more than 30 mph and can tilt wahoo kickr bike up and down.every thing normal and good

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Out of curiosity, and to help people who might have a similar problem in the future, what solved your issue?