Wahoo Kickr Bike auto gradient delayed

I have had a wahoo kick bike v1 since about October/November. I have not previously had issued with the auto tilt mode until recently. I am finding that in all my recent rides the gradient barely registers on the bike or is severely delayed by a few seconds.

One way I have been testing this is by cycling the gradient lock/unlock button during climbs/descents. It will not register changes in gradient when cycled between the modes. I tried this with a friends kickr bike and found it would register gradient changes instantly when cycled through lock/unlock.

I am not using the bike in ERG mode. I have tried using Zwift on my iMac and iPad with the same result. I am running the latest firmware and do not have the bike paired to the Wahoo app.

I suspect it’s a Wahoo issues but wondering if anyone has had a similar issue?