WAHOO Kicker losing resistance

(Kyle Rickert) #1

Last night I encountered an issue.  Here is my setup for background:

Trainer: Kickr Snap
PowerMeter: PowerTap Hub
Cadence: GSC-10
Heartrate monitor: Garmin
Powersource: PT
Smartphone: Iphone 6 running the swift app for control

Twice last night while in the middle of my ride the resistance to the trainer was lost.  I’m pretty sure it happened when navigating to the “other riders” screen on the iPhone and selecting a member.  Once on that page I lost trainer resistance and had to end ride and restart Swift.

(Matt Canna) #2

Are you using the zwift program to control resistance?  Or are you using the wahoo fitness app.


If using the app you need to not pair the trainer to the computer, update the firmware in the snap, and make sure there is no bluetooth signal drop.

(Jeff Money BMTR) #3

This has happened to me twice as well, and I’ve used the kickr snap maybe 4 times?  It has been in the middle of a ride.  I don’t know if it is a coincidence, but both instances seem to have occurred when the trainer resistance had gone down (one case of drafting, one case of downhill).  then the next thing I know the trainer is staying in this little resistance despite the conditions changing.  I’m talking 3rd-4th largest gear (52-14 or 52-13) spinning at 100 rpms barely pushing 150W.

The zwift program was being used to control resistance, I didn’t even have the wahoo app on.  I turned it on after the dropout of resistance hoping a spindown would somehow recalibrate it with ending my ride and starting over. 

(Kyle Rickert) #4

Matt Canna: Onoda Sakamichi -

This happened again last night during my workout.  I can only think of two things that caused this. 

  1. When I switched to a different view 
  2. When I took a snapshot

From there my resistance was lost and I ended the ride.

From my previous post.  I am using the Zwift app only.  I have the following paired devices:

  1. Power Supply: Powertap
  2. Heart Rate: Garmin Strap
  3. Cadence: Garmin GSC-10
  4. Resistance: Kickr Snap

I have this all paired to an ANT+ usb dongle that is plugged into a usb extender so the sensor is directly under the crank.


(Dave Brodmann TFC) #5

I’m looking at the Kickr Snap to use with Zwift.  Were you able to figure this problem out?


(Stuart West) #6

I had a power drop out issue on one of the updates when workout mode was introduced…  all sorted after a subsequent update.  The Kickr snap does apparently need the Ant+ dongle closer to the trainer than some other trainers…

(Dave Brodmann TFC) #7

OK thanks for info. I’ll have to pick up a USB extension just in case.

(Jeff Money BMTR) #8

I started using a USB extension cord I had laying around, so I have the ant+ dongle less than 2’ from the kickr and my crank based power meter.  I haven’t had any issues since doing that.  

(Dave Brodmann TFC) #9

Good to hear, thanks!

(George Fordham AUDI-PNW) #10

Is it possible the problem occurred after you paused your ride (so the pause screen appeared) and then continued?