Wahoo Kicker core watt problem


The power displayed by zwift is much lower than the effort provided. They stagnate at 50 watts then drop…

What do you see in the Wahoo Fitness app? Take Zwift out of the equation. Check for firmware, calibrate, and do a ride in the Wahoo app.

It was the same in the wahoo app. Sometime it works and sometime it doesn’t. I was able to start à workout at some point but when I tried an other thing it stoped working. It seems like a connection problem.

You probably need to be talking to Wahoo support, but if any sources of wireless interference are in your environment, you could possibly address that by using a USB extension cable with an ANT+ or Bluetooth dongle (if your system supports that - you didn’t mention how you are running the game). Eliminating cordless phones, baby monitors, shutting any fans off, and not using 2.4GHz WiFi could possibly help you troubleshoot if it’s radio interference. My guess is the trainer is faulty but Wahoo can talk you through that process.