Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor Inconsistent pairing

(Ken Van Antwerp) #1

Problem - the wahoo tickr heart rate monitor does not sync/pair reliably.

Platform is Zmobile link running on Samsung S8 and Swift running on Windows 10 hp portable. I have wahoo kickr trainer and wahoo tickr heart rate monitor.

It often takes 5-to-10 minutes of wasted time and retries (unclip from strap, reclip, restart phone, etc…) to get the Heart Rate Monitor to finally sync up.  Sometimes it will sync automatically and quickly.  Once it does sync up it will work fine throughout the workout.

The wahoo kickr trainer will sync up everytime quickly and easily.

Anybody have this problem with wahoo tickr hear rate monitor and a solution?





(Harold Tamminen biciTO) #2

I have the same HRM and am using it with a Tacx Neo, Windows 7 desktop, an ant+ dongle on an extension cable so that the dongle is about a metre from the HRM and ZML on an iPhone SE. I have not had any issues pairing it in Zwift except once when I stored it too close to a cold window. It took a couple of minutes to warm up then worked just fine. Perhaps the distance between the dongle and the HRM is the issue.How old is the battery? I have been told that it may only last about a year.

I hope this helps,



(Paul Allen) #3

I don’t think this is an issue with the Wahoo Tickr and more than likely an issue with the Samsung S8 bridging the signal. Many people have post that they are having issue with Android phones running the ZML.

If possible I would suggest getting an ANT+ dongle for your PC to simplify your setup.

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #4


Do you wet the contact pads on your HR strap? I have to or it won’t work correctly.

(Roger Sibley) #5

My Tickr HRM was giving incorrect data (too low) for a few rides recently, I cleaned the sensors on strap and reset battery (install wrong way up for 3 seconds then correct install) and it has behaved perfectly today. Might be worth a try.

(Ken Van Antwerp) #6

Thanks everyone for the help and the good ideas;

(1) Tickr vs S8 Samsung.  The Samsung always links with the wahoo Kickr (trainer) in Zwift, it is only the heart rate monitor that is the issue (the samsung also works well with other devices like speakers, car connections, etc…).

(2) Age - the Tickr is about 2-3 months old.  It came with a battery - good idea to replace that to see if it might help as the battery may have been low out of the box.  I will try this.

(3) Heart rate monitor straps…yes it has straps. I moisten the sensor pads before trying to use.  I can also see the red/blue LEDs blink on the Tickr - but it does not link and then stops blinking after about 1-2 minutes.

I’ve also tried reset/restart the phone. Turn bluetooth on/off, etc… it is a hit or miss if it will link.  I have not tried the Heart Rate Monitor with a different fitness application.




(Dr. R3gO) #7

Hi, I am having the same issue with Tickr - Iphone 7 - Windows 10. Up until now I wasn’t able to figure out which Iphone app is messing/pairing with the Tickr bluetooth signal , or reading the heart rate for any purpose. I am pretty sure that this is the issue, just need to find it. Already tried the Health app, the Runfit, etc… try unistall the Runfit app, some guys solved the issue with that. cheers

(Ken Van Antwerp) #8

Another 10 minutes spent today F-ing with the Tickr heart rate monitor this morning.  I replaced the battery a few weeks ago.  I watched the wahoo Tickr lights blink while the HRM search box finds nothing and Zwift music plays in the background.  I gave up on the workout this morning and I’m giving up on Tickr.  Anybody have other recommendations?





(Paul Allen) #9


Have you washed the strap and wipe all contacts with an alcohol pad? You can also put the battery in upside down for a few seconds to reset it and this sometimes helps resolve the issue.

I have been running a Tickr Run for over 2 years (about 700 workout hours) and with a little maintenance I have had very little issues with it.

(Ken Van Antwerp) #10

Paul - Thanks for the quick response.

I just replaced the battery 1-2 weeks ago. I adjusted the strap so it fits snuggly. The strap is clean and I moisten the pads.  Maybe it is a wahoo/android thing.

My Samsung 8 bluetooth syncs with all my other stuff with no issues - car, home bluetooth speakers, home bluetooth phone system, etc…  Also the wahoo spinner will sync everytime.  It is ONLY this wahoo HRM that is inconsistent. 

This morning I’ve ordered Scosche RHYTHM+.  I just can’t fool around with the wahoo HRM anymore.  



(Ken Van Antwerp) #11

Update - The Scosche Rhythm works much better.  I have had this for a week now and it just works.  Highly recommended.

(Mark Frey (WNYBRC)) #12

I have been experiencing the same issue but I run my zwift through an Iphone7s

shows up fine on wahoo utility app but zwift has difficult time finding hm and at time cadence and wahookickr very frustrating to say the least esp missing races and rides.Hoping for help

(Marty McFly) #13

Had the same problem with iphone 7 - the iphone was pairing the wahoo strap but it was pairing to wahoo fitness app, after unpairing in wahoo fitness app it let zwift pair the strap.

(Gerhard Wessels) #14

I have a brand new Wahoo Fitness Blue Speed And Cadence Sensor and Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor.

I have been able to get the sensors to pair through my Samsung S7. Pairing is intermittent though. I’ve had most trouble getting the HRM to pair.

Tonight the HRM paired fine but the speed/cadence sensor wouldn’t. I rebooted the phone, restarted Zwift several times, unpaired the HRM, nothing worked.

I ended up training with Wahoo’s own Fitness app. Their Utility app always picks up both sensors so there is nothing wrong with batteries, sensors or phone. Zwift is the problem. I usually get it to pair after 10-15mins of fighting, tonight nada.

This is driving me nuts.

Zwift, many people are having issues. We could sure use some help here!

(Paul Allen) #15

I have no issue pairing my Wahoo HRM through the ZCA. You need to make sure that the Wahoo HRM is not connected to ANY other device or app (this includes the phone) before opening the ZCA, Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time.

You could also use an ANT+ dongle in the PC or Mac since the Wahoo HRM is duel band.

(Gerhard Wessels) #16

I have followed all the suggestions people have posted. Like I said, am usually able to get both sensors to pair, it usually takes a while but I get there.

I don’t want to spend 10 minutes every time, rebooting this, checking that though.

If ANT+ is more reliable I’ll try that, but I have read in other posts that people are experiencing similar problems with it.

What I don’t get is why the Wahoo app can pick up both sensors, quickly, every time bu the ZCA can’t?