Wahoo Direct Connect No Longer Working on iOS

Has anyone figured out the fix for wifi or direct Connect showing as an option on iPad or iPhone post iOS 16.1? Plenty of threads out there with people trying to figure it out with no resolution. One workaround has worked for me – IF I launch Zwift on my Apple TV (inside) and connect to my KICKR bike (garage) via wifi, then launch Zwift on iPad or iPhone, the network option works. I can do my workout. If I don’t connect to Apple TV first, it never works. Also, it works on my MacBook Pro as well – this only affects iOS. Finally, I have to do the AppleTV trick every time – it’s not like it remembers after doing that trick once.

Any insight would be great – people have the issue with iOS greater than 16.1 or 16.2 (I tried on 16.2 and 16.3 – no luck. Others say 16.0 or less and it still works fine).

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