Wahoo BlueSC no longer pairing

Since the companion update 3.15.1 I have no longer been able to pair my Wahoo BlueSC to my Apple TV on Zwift 1.051959 . I’ve just spent 3 hours scrolling through the forum and google looking for a fix (instead of riding) and am annoyed. Companion app on Apple Watch also will not pair, watch stuck on showing “Pairing”

Very frustrated. Tried killing all apps on all devices and restarting each piece of equipment. Nothing working. Would appreciate any assistance.

Dead battery in the BlueSC?

Nope. It can connect to the Wahoo app and is working for a normal outdoor ride.

Can it connect to your ATV directly without going through the companion app?

Was trying to do that also but ATV not seeing the Wahoo, even when I turn Bluetooth off on my iPhone. I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m going to try my laptop (as I’ve currently started a scotch)

Thanks for the assist.

Hi, I have seen this same behaviour with an Ipad.
Tried absolutely everything and thought the Wahoo was cooked, except when tested on other devices it worked perfectly.
The solution on Ipad was to remove and reinstall the Zwift app.
Maybe this will work on Apple TV?

Thanks, tried that, but didn’t work. Running the MacOS app now and streaming to the AppleTV, that works fine using the Companion app. Waiting for AppleTV update that is supposed to drop soon.

The newest update for AppleTV seems to have fixed the issue. I can pair via the Companion app to Zwift on AppleTV once again.

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