W/Kg subcategories for group rides

I started my Zwift Journey (and indoor cycling) just a month ago (thanks Zwift). The first week I was barely able to hold on to a 1.2-1.4 W/Kg group ride, now the 1.8-2.0 W/Kg are too easy.

I am always browsing the advertised group rides and I literally have to click on each and every one of them to see what W/Kg they advertise.

Could we get subcategories for the group ride categories?

C.c. 2.2-2.4
C.b. 2.5-2.8
C.a. 2.9-3.1
B.b. 3.2-3.6
B.a. 3.7-4.0
A.b. 4.1-4.5
A.a. 4.6-5.0

or something like that.

That way I could see that one of the C group rides is within my W/Kg and I wouldn’t have to click through all of the 1.0-1.8 rides and all of the 2.5-3.2 rides to see if there are any group rides at all in my target W/Kg.

until then you might want to check out

look at the ranges tab

Although is not perfect much is a lot easier to click through events to see what they are

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Thanks! I am already using it.

It would be easier to just put the w/kg in the event title. Nobody is going to memorise 10 different w/kg ranges.

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