Vortex elevation climbed adjustment?

Since the Vortex trainer only allows for a 7% max grade, I’m not really climbing what Zwift indicates (because I’m only doing 7% where everyone else is doing 11%, for example). So is there a way to adjust for that and determine how much elevation I actually climbed?

Your Vortex may max out at 7% but you’re still doing the same climbing as everyone else. It still takes the same amount of power input to do the same speed. So no adjustment is required.

Thanks, Mark. But elevation is the relationship between the grade and distance and is not related to power. So I know that the trainer doesn’t impact power output, but it would affect elevation climbed. I just don’t know what distance in each course is in excess of 7% so I can plug that in and accurately reflect elevation. Since I’m working toward doing long sessions with quite a bit of steady climbing (recovering from injury & surgery right now, so it will be a progression), it would be a pretty significant difference by the end of the 2017 year :frowning: