Vortex - connects to Utility App, but nothing else

Context: Zwifting for Years. Helping friend with Vortex Smart (I run a Neo)

I can see Vortex using Utility App with Ant+ on Samsung S9, but cant update and the calibration test fails, Data appears when I spin the wheels

I Close app on mobile disconnect and use laptop with Ant+ cable (Same I use for Neo most days). Search for device on pairing screen, with both Ant+ & Bluetooth enabled (no other devices paired) and the list appears blank.

Green LED flashing away on side of vortex brake and its been restarted many times.

The only connection I can make to the device is on the Tacx Utility App. I’m thinking firmware may resolve the issue, but the “Update” option says (not Available)

I then tried loading the full zwift app on my phone, thinking, the utility app can communicate using Ant+, zwift may also pickup the device on my mobile. No such luck. Stumped at this stage. A big Red Factory Reset Button would be nice right now