Voluntary Price Increase

Set up a way for current Zwifters grandfathered in 1 year price increase freeze to forego and accept price increase now.  I believe the value provided by Zwift far exceeds the current cost and am more than willing to pay more now to get better in the future.

I agree with the value and have zero issue with the price increase.

Also, I VERY much appreciate the 1 year price freeze for existing members. It shows true compassion and appreciation for their customers.

I would happily swap your grandfathered price for my price hiked subscription.

I feel that the value of the service is increasing.  So even though I appreciate the Grandfathered price for a year, I think I would have accepted the price increase anyway.  It’s not just a game but a training tool too.   My suggestion to Zwift would be to consider the following,  One way to increase price is the large jump where people get upset with a 50% increase.  Another would be smaller increments over time where they don’t see the smaller increment as a problem and yet over time the price can go up 50% over the longer period of without people feeling the pain of a larger jump or creating more “churn” in your membership.

Another way that would create loyalty is to have long term members keep a lower cost.  I have a Gym membership that I’ve maintained for years.  Newer members to the Gym get jealous if they ask what I am paying.  I know that if I discontinue it, the restart price would be very high relative to my cost now.