Volcano circuit lap counter and achievements not working

Still not working on windows, did 26 laps today around that boring circuit for nothing. Strike one Zwift.


Did the vulcano Challenge. Same here, did 25 Laps. Counter worked but no reward for the laps but for the 100km.

@zwift: when is this solved? I donot want to do ist again. Please give me the awards.


Just did 26 laps, no reward. Can I receive it afterward? Since 26 laps volcano circuit is mind boggling boring… :wink:


The issue persists. Zwift Support advised they were aware, there is no current fix and the badge can not be retrospectively applied. This is pretty poor customer service that we are not made aware of known bugs before busting a butt for no good reason.


Aware or not that is seriously lame sauce … About as silly as us selecting a route to ride and not having progress bars on each one… I mean come on I like easily determining if I am improving on a specific route …cough greatest London Loop


Just checking,

are these forums monitored by zwift or are they managed by users?

Should we be emailing zwift support as opposed to wasting our time nagging in online forums… nothing seems to be getting done.

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Yes they do look at these even if they don’t reply as often as you would like.

It would be nice to have a page managed by zwift for current bugs they are aware of.

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lap counter being busted for this long. We believed we had the fix in place, but it ultimately didn’t resolve the issue. We’ve sent new notes and logs to our dev team to try and resolve this.

I’ll keep you posted when the rollout is in place.

-Mike M.
Zwift Member Experience


Props for replying :+1:

That said, it would have taken one test ride w/a simulator to test said fix and notice that it did not work since this appears to affect all users, not a subset of users :man_shrugging:

Thanks, @Mike_ZHQ for the reply.

Would you have any idea when we could expect the new fix to be implemented?

Thanks for the update, @Mike_ZHQ! Doesn’t this qualify for the Known Issues category?

You are correct!

I’ve added this to Known Issues category.


Don’t hold me to this, but I have an ETA for the end of the month. It can be sooner or later. I’ll update once I have more information.

Mike M.
Zwift Member Experience


Hi Mike
Does this mean that I shouldn’t go target the 25 laps and 3 badges until the issue is fixed?

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Until this issue gets fixed, you would not be awarded the volcano laps badges even if you were to go ride a bunch of laps.


@Mike_ZHQ… Any word on whether or not the issue has been fixed yet?

Update went out today. In group race no count but got the 5 laps achievement. :slight_smile:


Great news! Thanks for sharing. As soon as I have 3 hours free for Zwifting i’m going to go for the 25 lap badge.

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I logged on and didn’t get my volcano achievements from my previous ride when Zwift was broken.Please award the achievement.

rode it again and can confirm that this time I received the achievements and the lap counter was working.