Volcano CCW: Timer Only Starts up When 1 Minute Remaining?

(John Pescatore) #1

Did 5 laps around the Volcano CCW route, running Zwift IoS on an iPad.

On first lap, thought the left hand side personal record/lap leader board popped up and then a bit later I thought I saw a chalk line - but the elapsed time timer that usually shows up under the top middle screen didn’t appear, so I thought maybe it was *not* a chalk line.

Then a bit later, the elapsed time window *did* pop up, with about 1.5 minutes remaining, completed the lap, went under the arch and my time showed up on the left personal record/leader board.

I never could see the chalk line again, but the same behavior on the elapsed time top center display happened on each of the next 4 laps.Made it hard to attack that lap.

Voclanic ash getting in the Seiko timer gear? Or just a software bug?