Vitality Integration with Zwift / Garmin allows Zwift users to upload their workouts to Vitality and is available elsewhere in the world, but regular Zwift users in the US can’t integrate hard workouts on Zwift (or easy ones for that matter) with Vitality. Yes, it loads up to Garmin, but will not then automatically load up to Vitality. Instead, you either have to also track your workout on a Garmin device, such as a 520 or VivoSport, load that up to Garmin, and then Garmin notes your workout to Vitality but then you end up with sort of a mess to clean up because that same Garmin loads to Strava as well as Zwift does and, well you see the issues. What is the likelihood that Zwift US will have a similar capability as South Africa.

Okay, enough of my rant, but since Vitality is used by so many companies now, and the Garmin integration is already there, Zwift and Garmin should be able to get something working that lets us get our points without hacks like double recording.