Virtual Training Partner

It would be nice if members could declare each other as VTPs (virtual training partners). VTPs can race against each other without being online at the same time.

When you choose a route you can add one or more of your VTPs and you can race against one of their recorded rides on the selected route. At least for Strava-Users it should be fairly easy to replicate previous rides.

VTP avatars do not need to be visible for the other real riders, they could be red “ghost riders” that are just added to the world as the blue “ghost riders”.

Please vote up existing requests before creating a new one.

You could ride a ride, and then send a challenge to a friend to do better by replaying the rider as you suggest. That would be an interesting way for people who are unable to get online at the same time to ‘ride’ together. If you are the only one who sees the red avatar you race against, it would not clutter the landscape. It would also not stop others from riding with you or you riding with others - as you could do that and try to beat the recorded ride by pacing with a fast real time rider. 

Would it in any way make Zwift less social? Maybe?

How would you overcome that one rider may get a better drafting benefit than the other? Force TT bike selection?

If you want to race, just set a time and race them.

Or pick from any of the races which are arranged and it will test tactical knowhow as well as fitness.

@Daniel Abbott 

But that’s the same for Strava or anything, maybe the top time on a segment was when there was a huge tailwind.

As for setting a time, I have people I’d like to ride with who literally live on the other side of the world, so this can be pretty hard to find workable times for both.