Virtual rider stops responding after a short break

I’m a newcomer, I assume the problem sounds trivial to others however I’d appreciate your advise on this.
I’ve successfully connected Zwift app to TACX flux 2 smart running on Android version 9 on Bluetooth.
Everything works fine until I stop pedaling and the wheel stop. Next I resume spinning (just after a few seconds), however the virtual rider doesn’t respond. The only workaround is to restart the application to restart the bluetooth pairing process. I guess this is related Bluetooth discovery or signal loss.
Does it sound similar?

I was riding Zwift ,things were going ok then my avatar stopped I just kept pedaling after a few seconds 4 or 5 it started up again, have no idea what was going on, you might just keep spinning and see what happens. Good luck


thanks for your suggestion this is really helpfull or informative for me now my isse was getting solved thanks again

thanks and regards