Virtual me not responsive if I don't start pedaling immediately after launch?

(Joseph Dowski) #1

Hi All,
Second ride in today. I’m using rollers. Overall more comfortable & familiar with the HUD info. For the second day in a row however, I logged in, went through all the prompts, launched a ride but then had to still put my shoes on, set up & turn on my fan before I actually got on the bike and started pedaling. So literally 2-3 minutes? However after pedaling for about 15-25 seconds with no response from “virtual me” I had to exit without saving and then come back in all over again. This time I immediately got on the bike and began pedaling and the rider responded.

So could I alter my own behavior and do all my setup before launching a ride? Yes, but I would still want to know if something is happening to the connection between my bike & software that causes it to drop? I will post updates on this after each ride I do.

Thanks again, really love the software and feel like you guys have just scratched the surface with the potential of this.

Joe :slight_smile:

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Joe,

So, this is happening because, in scenario one where you start riding right away, your sensors are paired up and broadcasting and Zwift can communicate with them properly.

In scenario two, where you pair and then put on your shoes and such, the sensors have STOPPED broadcasting (to save on battery power most likely) and Zwift loses this connection. Since it’s no longer broadcasting, Zwift has no idea where your cadence/power sensors are and must re-pair them.

Unfortunately, this is not working as intended and is a known bug. :confused: