virtual gear changing in zwift

(Jonathan Almonte) #1

Hi, I have a Cycleops 400 Pro smart trainer, which doesn’t have the ability to change gears on its own.  Instead, it depends on an application to provide a ‘virtual cassette’, which ultimately provides resistance based on terrain AND whatever virtual gear you’re in via the application.  With that said, it would be awesome if Zwift can provide the user with the ability to configure his/her own gears (gear ratios) via the application, then allow the user to virtually change through those gears in real-time while on a course in the application.  This way, the app can provide resistance based on whatever virtual gear the user’s in AND the terrain the user’s riding.

The Cycleops Virtual Training application already does this (which I use for workouts and virtual routes), but I’d like to start using Zwift since it’s more community-centric and more like a video game, which can be built upon to accomplish almost anything.



(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

If they want to support the VeloTron this functionality will also be needed there.

(David L. Virginia) #3

We’ve been asking for and have been promised support for the cycleop’s IC forever a year.  Promised to be available this summer, but as you can see, not delivered.  Do a search through the posts

(Charlie Issendorf) #4

We are taking a break from making kits so we can concentrate on improving the Zwift experience. I know this is not the news you would like to hear but it is still very early days for us and we have lots to do. In the future we hope to allow more kits but for now we need to focus all our attention on making Zwift even better.  Ride on!

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #5



I don’t think you caught the intent of the request.  The Cyclops trainer (and the Velotron) have a flywheel and operate with their own software doing a virtual gear selection to emulate the act of changing gears.  The person is asking about support for this natively in Zwift.

(David L. Virginia) #6

Jonathan, I use the cyclops joule to change gears, I think providing the resistance feedback to the Cyclops IC, as Zwift does with other trainers. would be enough of a start.  There are several methods of “changing” gears without Zwift

(Jonathan Almonte) #7

David L. - Yea the Joule was going to be my next attempt.  I was about to try it, but then saw it wasn’t charged, so started charging it (haven’t used it in ages, since Cycleops VirtualTraining supports gear changes natively and was just easier to use that in my opinion).  In the meantime, figured I’d ask the question to have this supported natively in Zwift.  The Joule is charged and ready to go but haven’t had a chance to try it yet.  As long as the bike can receive commands from both the Joule (gear changes) and Zwift (gradients) at the same time, we should be in business.  So I take it the Joule has been working OK for you with Zwift?

(David L. Virginia) #8


on the joule, go to training, workouts, manual slope, and gear changes can be made there.

it works out for me but since Zwift isn’t providing resistance feedback for gradients, it’s like riding on a flat road as far as resistance goes.  It would be a much more useful, enjoyable platform if the software did for the Cyclops IC’s what it does for the many other trainers.  I may go back to virtual training.

(Philip Day) #9

I also have a pro 400 and would love to use zwift. I am interested to know if you can export the gpx or fit file to poweragent and then import the workout to the joule controller as a work around? 

My thinking is that the fit or gpx file should contain the gradient detail for the joule to control resistance, as you ride and then you use the gears function on the joule; just like a normal bike. in this way the joule does what its designed to do and if the trainer is linked to zwift you would get a realistic ride. 

Please note I have only used zwift once because I found out it didnt work and am grasping at straws.