Video Screenshots - Windows Release [July 2023]

Do I understand correctly that these video replays work by continuously capturing video, and then saving bits of it? I’m not a computer programmer but that seems like an inefficient way to do it. Wouldn’t it work better to just re-create the replay from the simulation data? That would also allow viewing from different camera angles, and even from different rider’s perspectives.

Yes it’s constantly recording and then when either something notable happens or at the users request it clips and stores the last 15 seconds.

Will any more PCs be added? I have an i7 8086k which is considerably faster than a lot of the processors included but as it’s 8th gen the feature isn’t enabled.

I’m not sure which processors are significantly slower than yours that have video screenshots enabled.

My gut reaction is that the roll down won’t go any further and that to get the feature you’d need to upgrade.

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A lot of the i3 and i5 are slower, especially the non ‘K’ chips. But either way I suspect you’re right, I don’t think they will be releasing the functionality to other processor generations

The way they’re matching CPU versions is a pretty blunt instrument because it treats a low-power mobile CPU the same as a top-end desktop CPU of the same generation. We’ve seen problems with this feature even with latest generation CPUs, often in laptops. I can’t guarantee that those issues are all directly related to CPU performance, but video screenshots is one of the first things to turn off when experiencing freezing or low frame rates. It would make more sense to set it off by default and let the user decide whether to enable it. That would give you the opportunity to experiment with it.

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Yeah agreed, I guess processor generation is where they drew the line but as you say that’s a wide band of capabilities. It’s not massively important to me to be honest, it’s just that I saw the Alpe d’Huez Yeti the other day and wished I could have had a video of it :grinning:

The Yeti doesn’t exist. Figment of your imagination.

it’s not too well optimised even on 12th gen, so i’d recommend just setting up OBS to function that way instead. I think the feature in OBS is called “replay buffer” though i don’t use the feature myself so I can’t confirm that for sure. granted, it won’t upload directly to strava that way