video image quality deteriorates at end of a 15 min FTP workout

Video quality diminishes toward the end of a 15 min FTP segment of the 3x15 FTP workout. Video quality resets to good quality at the end of the FTP segment.

Apparently this is a design feature of Zwift workouts.  I don’t like it.  I understand why one might want a signal that “the end is neigh”, however I think this is overdone.  I can barely see where the avatar is going in the last three minutes which is a distraction at a point in the workout when I am least tolerant of unnecessary additional visual effects.  Here are some examples:

Please consider removing this effect or at the least, reduce it’s intensity.  Thanks for listening.  


Make sure you vote up ALL the other requests for this to be an option or to be removed:

Did, big time.  Thanks for the suggestion.  We need to keep pestering them.  It’s a silly effect.