video changes during hard workouts

My video goes wonky near the end of a hard section - such as a zone 4 or 5 section.  I’m not talking bursts of sprinting but a longish section, I’d guess at least 5 or 10 minutes.  The video looses saturation and horizontal lines appear.  This only happens during workout, not during free rides.  It’s almost like it’s warning me I’m working too hard.  I am working hard usually (but not always my hardest) and am pushing my hr but not up to what I *think* is my max.  This clears up when I finish a section right as I hit the see-through colored semi-circle on the road.

Is this some feature I can’t find?  I’m using a new macbook pro with their best graphics card.  Sometimes I have it hooked up to the tv mirroring the signal but not always.  

That is a feature that some people like and some hate. 

Yes that is a feature, if you get close to the end of a hard block the screen does that. you will notice the number section in the top middle stay clear. 


Count me in the camp of people who don’t like that feature :slight_smile: I thought something was wrong with the game, my monitor or my Mac Mini. To me it’s annoying, makes the landscape harder to see and takes me out of the VR experience.

I would love for there to be a config setting to turn this off. I noticed it when riding the 2x15 FTP intervals training ride.

I’ll agree with the last person. I don’t hate it but something else that indicates you’re working too hard or coming to the end of a tough section is needed. It does take you out of the vr experience. I stopped my workout the first too times to check my computer and connections.