Vibration in my bike

(Matt Koenig) #1

So I think I am getting quite a bit of Vibration in my bike when I am riding on my Kickr Snap.  I’ve only ridden about 3 times.  I do the spindown 10 minutes in like Wahoo recommends.  It seems like the bike is secure in the snap and not loose. No tire slip issues.  My bike frameis Carbon.  Is this normal to get Vibration?  I guess I am not sure if this is normal?  Thoguhts?  I assume maybe call Wahoo and start there?

(Paul Allen) #2

Wahoo support should be your first stop.

(Paul Tijgers) #3

Hello Matt, I had the same… Just started today with a new haibike greed ‘‘carbon frame’’ on my new ‘‘tacx bushido smart’’ struggling a big moment with the outside of my back frame to fit in the trainerframe. But than the vibration story i had. The tire is new. It leaves rubber behind on the trainer shaft. Think because of the heat the tire melt a little because it’s new. The rubber on the trainer shaft causes the vibration. I removed the rubber and the vibration was gone. But it will come back. Maybe the shaft is to tight on the wheel/rubber. But my calibration test is ok.