Veteran Kit?

As a veteran, I would love to be able to unlock/wear a kit that designates me as a veteran.   

Go Navy!


They would need to contact the US Navy to get permission/licensing to do so. It could happen, but let’s be real here the US Army should come first.

Go Army!!

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Understand - so how about designing a generic veterans kit?   

Thank you for your service!  

theres a usmes kit u can unlock. it stands for united states military something something…


So you are going to suggest something and not really know what it is.

It’s the US Military Endurance Sports jersey, it’s used by 

The US Military Endurance Sports (USMES) program, a division of American Servicemembers Amateur Sports Inc. (ASAS), is a non-profit 501©3 organization chartered to support amateur athletes, endurance sports education and activities for current, retired, and veteran members of the United States Uniformed Services.

Not really the Veterans jersey we are asking for. I would like to sport a US Army Veterans kit and I am sure John would like a US Navy kit. The USMES does not distinguish branches and anyone can get one. To get a veterans jersey you should need to verify you that you served so not just anyone can use it. The could use the same method as getting verified to shop here:

Right now ANYONE can use the USMES kit, making it just a normal kit.

For anyone that wants to sport it in game here is the code: Gousmes


Thanks Paul for the detailed info on USMES. I have the jersey without know the full name lol. But yeah I would like a Veterans jersey too (Army) though I only served a few years. Rock on!

me too, Go Army!