Version 1 competitive features

I am loving Zwift, having ridden maybe 8-9 rides so far. Very interested to see where this goes. However, as it currently stands the features associated with competition are limited. I tend to decide at relatively short notice what time of the day I want to do my workout, which means that working with others to ride at the same time doesn’t really work for me. And, even if it did, there’s always the question of relative strength/fitness and racing with folks that are not at the same general level (in either direction :)) isn’t too compelling either.

So, for now I tend to just try to better my previous times for a) a certain number of laps or distance or b) individual segments. By the way, I have to remember these numbers, which isn’t fun, since there’s no on-screen reminders/cues for any of this.

Anyway, stepping back, I’m wondering what the plans are for the V1 release around competition-related features. I’m not asking for a date or a specific commitment. I am just curious to know what I can expect when Zwift comes out of beta that will support my desire to complete against “something” :slight_smile: