Verbose logs


I’d like the option to turn on verbose logging that include rider-specific events. The reason for this is so that I can write a log parser to compile race results. 

If you’ve ever looked at Quake or Team Fortress console logs for example, they include all sorts of information.

Zwift might include that a rider has crossed the start/finish line, , performed a U turn, crossed the KOM start or finish, the time they logged etc. There is some of this at the moment, but only for the local rider. In order to cimpile interesting post-race results and awards, this information should be saved for all riders.

It might look something like this:

[15:14:43] NETWORK:Player 12345 joined the world: D.Chandisingh
[15:14:43] Player 12345: A.Player
[15:14:43] Player 20000: R.Bear
[15:14:43] Player 20001: F.Bloggs (VTX) WSR
[15:14:43] Player 20002: H.Harrison
[15:14:43] Player 20004: B.Fett (BOUNTY)
[15:14:43] Player 20230: B.theKid
[15:14:43] Player 12345 crossed start/finish
[15:14:43] Player 20000 started KOM 1
[15:14:44] Player 20230 finished KOM 1 with a time of 1:23.09
[15:14:44] Player 20001 crossed start/finish
[15:14:44] NETWORK:Player 65432 joined the world: J.Jacobsen
[15:14:44] Player 20001 lapped in 15:32.56 - position 12
[15:14:54] Player 20002 crossed start/finish
[15:14:54] Player 20002 lapped in 15:01.00 - position 1
[15:14:54] Player 20004 got achievement “No Big Deal”

You get the idea. Anyway, this would mean that someone like me could write a parser and do things like search for everyone who crossed the start line between 6:30 and 6:40pm then did 5 complete laps, assemble them in order of finish etc. or do other interesting reports on events such as who did the fastest sprint. It could possible contain people passing checkpoints from which we can infer who’s grouped and riding together, and gaps between groups.

Thinking out loud a little, but I think comprehensive log files would lead to some really interesting analysis.  Some of it could be done via Strava, but not everyone uses that and their goals or tools aren’t necessarily aligned with what the Zwift community wants.


Check your Documensts folder/Zwift/Logs. Quite a lot is logged there, unfortunately many broadcast entries are missing.

I had exactly the same idea but not all broadcast message are coming through/being logged. I tested this with 10 riders from Tuesday’s ZTR-EB race but less then 50% of their laps got logged. 

Lap results will look like:
[21:43:47] NETWORK:Received broadcast segment results for segment 1065066326 with a time of 1616.80 for user id=xxxx

You could still write a parser to help with the final results, but don’t expect all the riders to be in there. It would still have to be combined with results from race video’s and strava.

Cheers, JT. I’ve looked in my local logs for events, and maybe more of them are already there than I realised. I’ve definitely seen entries for my own achievements (e.g. “SetUnlockable(3)”). Existing segment results might be useful if they’re broadcast for all riders. I’ll dig around some more.

Had a bit of a look and it seems you’re right that some riders get their laps broadcast, but not all. I’m rider ID 40771 I think, and according to the log file I only completed segment 9634088118 4 times, but I did the full 5 laps (I’m assuming 9634088118 is the Watopia full lap).