Venue Sq + Elite Suito = Odd Readings, No HR

New Zwift user here. Hurrah.

I have an Elite Suito T that I use with a MacBook Air (M1; 12.6.1) and I wear a Garmin Venue SQ.

#1 - The Venue SQ can see the Elite and when I do an Indoor Cycling, it can see the sensors. However, the numbers are wildly off. For instance, my ride on Friday was an easy 3.27 miles in 12:35. My Garmin thought that I biked 17 miles at 99.6 miles. So just a slight disconnect here.

#2 - The Heart Rate Monitor is not picked up at all. I’ve gone into settings and set it to Broadcast during Activity and setup the Indoor Cycling. Heart Rate reads on the watch but nothing shows in Zwift. I’ve also gone into Settings and just did a straight Broadcast (which goes without needing an activity) and that still doesn’t get picked up by Zwift.

I’ve tried this with both Bluetooth and the Companion App.

I’ve got an Ant+ dongle on order to see if that’ll make a difference, but the Elite Suito says it’s got Ant+ built in so I was hoping it could read right off that. Any suggestions or thoughts? Worse case scenario, I buy a dedicated HR strap but want to try other options first.