Ven-top is a monster!

i rode for an hour up it yesterday, averaging about 215W (that’s 2.8W/kg for me), and only made it this far:

that’s just under 3000 vertical feet! if i were on the alpe, i’d have been just about done!

It certainly is, your head has to be in the game to get up that one. I did the Douce route on a Garmin Event a couple of weeks ago and then rolled up Ventoux. 41 miles and 5,500ft, mentally one of the toughest rides i have done on Zwift.


Certainly… it is a very hard ride… :joy: Make sure u have a lot of water and the fans turned on:)

Yep, it is a challenge for sure. I’ve completed it once, it took 93 minutes. Not planning on doing again any time soon.

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Yes, me either I’d rather save my energy for the alpe! :joy: The one thing I Have barely made it up. :sweat_smile:

“It doesn’t get any harder, you just go slower” :wink:


Try out “The Mega Pretzel”!