Velodrome scene

Us trackies would love an option for a velodrome scenario, with keirins, points races etc… would be alot of fun. Perhaps as you “accellerate” you move down the track into the sprinters box… and as you ease off, you come up the track - gives a little control as positioning/tactics are big on the track… Simulated 200 flys, TT’s and pursuits… 6 day races… endless really.

I may be able to get my hands on a 3d model of the new velodrome being built here in Brisbane, Australia if interested?

I’m sure that as time passes, a velodrome will be considered.  One problem I see is that there can only be so many riders on the track at once.  So, that might cause a huge issue… it would be pretty bad to just be in a sea of riders ‘flowing’ around the track.