Velodrome? It would be an awesome course

That and a completely flat course for people on rollers.  Red Walters

posted this idea of a matchmaking on the velodrome. It’s interesting and would be fun ride such a thing. I know there are many variables that come into play but it would be really fun to ride a virtual velodrome during the winter months in NYC.



I can understand racing in a Zwift race on a Veladrome circuit but anything would be incredibly boring.

Re flat courses. Aren’t we well catered for already? Maybe not dead flat but minimal climbing.

I agree Velodrome on a indoor trainer sound a bit boring.


there are several old threads on this. I love velodrome racing. but Zwift has said “not in the next few years at least”. Right now, they can’t fit more than three or four riders on a track at a time. where do you put the other 46? they can’t offer a private velo at this time either.

We need more rolling hills. Only 1 in London and 3 in Richmond.

Please vote up the existing suggestions so Zwift knows what the users want:


I would vote this suggestion down since I cannot think of anything more boring.