Vector 3 pairing issue with android app

Hi, I have used a kickr snap for many years and have now purchased a set of vector 3. I plan to use the snap for the controllable trainer and my vectors for power. However when on the connect devices page all I find is the snap. Vectors don’t show up. The firmware is up to date. Anybody having these issues? Thanks Wayne.

Anche a me non trova i vector 3s aggiornati al 3.50.cell huawei mate 10 pro.
Col misuro b+ élite funziona bene. Ma i watt sono superi rispetto i vector 3s. Dai30/50 watt in più.

It looks like you may be dealing with interference between Bluetooth and ANT+. I noticed you have an ANT+ dongle plugged into your MacBook but you’ve been pairing your Kickr over Bluetooth anyhow. If your Vector is attempting to connect over ANT+, the Bluetooth broadcast in the area may be preventing pairing.

If you plan on sticking with ANT+, please fully disable Bluetooth on your Mac and your Android running Zwift Companion. Alternatively, if you’d rather pair over Bluetooth, please unplug your ANT+ dongle and disable Bluetooth on your Android to keep devices from connecting through both wireless protocols at the same time. ANT+ and Bluetooth don’t often work well together in the same area.

Please let me know how that works out!