Vätternrundan without draft

Today’s Vätternrundan Group Ride, Dust in the wind, had no draft enabled. I had the impression it worked at the beginning, but shortly after entering Titans Groove I noticed no more draft.
The "Close the gap " notification were gone and groups fell apart.
Kind of 50K TT. Not what I hoped for.
Was this by purpose?
I thought I checked in for a normal group ride.

Were you, by chance, on a TT bike?

I had no draft on the 0900 gmt ride this morning. Vatternrundan e ride (or similar).

Not on tt bike.

I also got a you have completed the italian ride challenge alert, a challenge I completed about 6 months ago!

I think I had no draft on the 7:00AM GMT ride on Sunday the 23rd, a tough ride on the Bambino Fondo course. I also got he impression that no other riders could see me. I was on a Specialized Venge S-Works, so not a TT bike issue. My avatar was also wearing a helmet during the event, even though ‘None’ was selected.

Yes, I had the helmet issue, too.
And was on the TronBike, so no TT issue.
Strange for such a big event.

Yes I had helmet issue also.