Various problems since update

Hi has anyone had any problems since latest update where my weekly goals are not coming across as completed either in running or cycling, my trainers keep changing colour thru the run, I completed a route in new world and the countdown went to zero and I cycled an extra mile and still did not get badge and just to add another problem my Apple Watch connects for about a minute and then I get connection failure in box where heart rate normally appears and also this morning I was passing runners and able to give kudos but not one person listed on right hand side zwifters nearby

That’s a whole lot of problems in one go.

Can you.

  1. Make sure you’re on the latest update.
  2. Make sure you’re not logged in using multiple devices.

Hi Stuart

Only logged onto Zwift via iPad for run and updated iPad a few days ago which is when running problems started and was on Apple TV on Sunday which was also updated for my bike ride and that is also ha I g problems with watch connection and did not tell me I had completed badge and lead in/ route was 21.2 miles I completed 22.2 and the route countdown has also gone to zero but no badge so frustrating