Using Zwift/Perf Pro in group training environment

(Rick Cady (C-VELO PDX)) #1

I have a 15 Kickr studio and currently use Perf Pro.I would like to run both Zwift and Perf Pro if possible, and thinking I would need tablets for zwift stations and run Bluetooth, then have my desktop run perf pro on the big screen and run ANT+, but they would likely compete for the controlling the trainer.  Is there anyone using zwift in any way in this type of setting and if so, would love to know the technical particulars needed. Also if there is another approach to using zwift in a studio environment would welcome that feedback. 

(Steve Ellis) #2


Let PerfPRO control erg mode on the KICKRs via ANT+. On Zwift, do not link a controllable trainer sensor. That way, Zwift gets the power readings, but does not compete to control the KICKR.

For Zwift, you can use either Bluetooth with an iPad, or ANT+ on a PC or Mac. If you use ANT+, you need to double up on ANT+ dongles.

I’ve run PerfPRO and Zwift simultaneously, for a single user, on one PC, with two ANT+ dongles.

(Rick Cady (C-VELO PDX)) #3

Thanks Steve, will give this a try. My thinking would be to run zwift off of a tablet in front of each station using  Bluetooth, then run perf pro off my Ant sticks and up on my big screens. I’ll test with multiple people and report back. Thanks again!

(Andrew Payton) #4


Did you manage to get this to work?


(Rick Cady (C-VELO PDX)) #5

Andrew- we’re about to test with 3 stations and if all works well, we’ll replicate for probably 12. We’re going to start by using an Apple TV and monitor at each station, using Bluetooth for Zwift and my Ant sticks for perf pro. I could also double ant sticks, so will evaluate which provides best signal and stability. I’ll report back after we test.

(Andrew Payton) #6

Rick. Would be interested to hear how it goes. I’m about to start using PerfPRO but would like to remain in the Zwift environment. 

Many thanks.

(Rick Cady (C-VELO PDX)) #7

Andrew - Been testing with 3 station set up using an apple tv mounted to a rack stand and 22" monitors. I have connected the trainers via both Perf pro and Zwift and have had no problems. I did a Zwift CVR world cup race and had the trainers controlled through Zwift to get road elevations, and ran perf pro in manual mode. I think as long as one is using BLE(Zwift) and the other ANT+(perf pro), there is no miscommunication. Here is a picture of my current set up. I display perf pro on the big screens controlled through by desktop PC. Clients have really liked the ability to still get perf pro display while riding Zwift. I code the HR and cadence sensors in Perf Pro just to keep it easy. I’m looking forward to sometime this year having the ability to load custom workouts on to Apple TV, which you can’t currently do other than through Training Peaks, but for now will use the workouts available. 

(Andrew Payton) #8

Hi. Thanks for the update. It just so happens I made some progress myself last night. I have PerfPRO and Zwift running on the PC. Using two ANT+ dongles it seems to work fine; I’ll be able to tell more this evening when I try an actual PerfPRO driven workout.

I’m hoping PerfPRO in MixMode will seamlessly control the trainer but will use Xert MPA and Focus fields on the Garmin during the Slope based intervals. Having Zwift on screen is purely for effect and to give me something to look at!

Keep me posted. 

(Rick Cady (C-VELO PDX)) #9

Yes, more ANT dongles would be the other option I considered, but since I am testing apple TV, I felt it best to split the signals so that one is BT and the other ANT+, but probably either works well. Glad it is working out for you.

(Rick Cady (C-VELO PDX)) #10


For you or any other out there using Zwift in a group training environment, would love to hear how you incorporate Zwift the most: ie. structured workouts/erg; group rides; or just leading your own on Zwift course of the day. Any events similar to Zwift tour events anyone tried? such as lap races for time, or any other events? I’m going to experiment all summer with this, so welcome feedback on best way to incorporate in the group environment.