Using smart speakers (Amazon echo, Google home, etc.) as an alternative to mobile link


Is there any plans to integrate smart speakers, such as amazon echo or google home? My thinking here is it is much easier and realistic to verbally give commands (such as directions, ride on, etc) during moderately difficult to difficult efforts than to use the mobile link. 


On the surface this sounds like a good idea, but it might have issues.

Most people play music, have discord running and/or watching a movie (Netfilx and such) that could hinder the use. Another thought is during difficult efforts being able to clearly speak the commands. I have exercise induced asthma and speaking during moderate to difficult sessions would be asking way too much.

It could have some value to some I would think.

SONOS 1 is great. Sonos PLAY:1 with Alexa, if you are thinking about which one to get this is it. Also, the music works with voice on this.

A better (and far simpler) way for Zwift to implement this would be via IFTTT. Implement separate commands for things like turns (Left/Straight/Right), elbow flick, wave etc.

It’s then down to the rider to link their choice of Alexa, Google Home, Siri etc to IFTTT. Zwift don’t have to worry about integrating with multiple systems, and whenever a new smart speaker turns up (or the existing ones get better), Zwift gets the enhancement for free. Different languages are a non-issue, because riders can configure whatever voice command they like. Riders could even choose to integrate it with things like physical buttons if they prefer; it’s all transparent to Zwift, they just have to provide one (pretty simple) interface. Zwift doesn’t need to know (or care) what’s sitting on the other side of the IFTTT interface.