Using RFLKT as ANT+ bridge?

(Dan Shaw) #1

Hi all, new to the app and started messing with it tonight…searched and saw no BT compatibility (for me, big loss…everything is BT) but had an idea hit me…

The RFLKT+ has an ANT+ bridge built in.  Just was curious if anyone had tried using this as a means to get their bluetooth devices to work with Zwift since it required ANT+.  

Will mess with it some more tomorrow, too late to do anything tonight. 


(ijustin j) #2

The bridging function works great for me.

(Matt McDermott) #3

J Jones, can you explain how you get this working? I tried but am not having any success.

(Noel Dunn) #4

J. Jones can you explain how you get the bridging function to work asI have tried for the last few weeks and no joy!!