Using resistance trainer speed

(Juan Victoria (xXx)) #1

It would be nice to have Swift use the speed numbers my Powerbeam Pro is generating rather than what the Swift app is generating off of power numbers. I have noticed that my trainer is showing 2-3mph more than the Zwift application displays. This should be vital for accurate representation of sprints and KOMs.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Juan - that’s not really how it works and what you suggest would not be fair.  A powerbeam pro might take 200w of your power to propel the wheel at 24mph, but a computrainer might take 200w of power to go 20mph - a whole 4mph slower.   Under the system you suggest, they would be penalized even though they are putting in the same effort.

The way Zwift works is it takes your effort and propels your avatar based on that - somewhat leveling the playing field assuming accurate power data.

(Juan Victoria (xXx)) #3

Thanks Jon - Interesting though; you would think that 200w on equally calibrated equipment would result in the same speed, assuming same rider weight and gearing. Have you guys tested this in your lab?