Using Nordic Track (SKI) on Zwift?

Has anyone tried a NordicTrack ski machine on Swift? mine is old and has no computer. I cannot run anymore because of an injury but I can cross country ski. Do I need to tell zwift the length of my stride? (That’s easy- measure the wear pattern on the skis) couldn’t I use any Bluetooth running computer ? It seems to me I could fool Swift in to thinking I was running. FYI I ride bike on zwift regularly with Apple TV and a wahoo kickr. Anybody got any brilliant ideas? Many thanks in advance, aLoneWoof. PS: I’d love to SKI the sand and Sequoias route and the tropical jungle!

I think a footpod would work as your leg would be making the same style as movement as running does. I’m not sure how accurate the speed would be but I guess you are not too fussed about that. Given that your arms will also be making motions it could word with a watch also.