Using keyboard makes all riders dissapear

This is a bit of an odd problem. When I use the keyboard, all other rides in the Zwift island dissapear (except the A.I. ones). After a minute or two they all come back.

In more details…

  • When I hit a single key on the keyboard, everything is fine
  • when I hit several keys, like cycling through camera views or typing a message, all other riders dissapear one by one, from the right-hand-side list and from the road
  • I seem to be able to read other people’s messages even when they don’t appear in the Zwift world

After a couple of minutes, all riders come back (as long as I don’t touch the keyboard), in the places they should be. I keep riding, and they eventually appear in the same relative positions as before they dissapeared

I have run a separate window with ping, and I don’t see any connection issues

I have tried both, a wireless and a wired keyboard (fearing the wireless keyboard was interfering with the WiFi signal). Issue happens with the wired keyboard as well

Is this a known bug?

Could you submit a ticket? It might take us a while to get to with our high support load, but this sounds like it might be specific to your computer, and we’ll need more information about your setup.


Hi Jason

Given lack of responses I suspected this may be system specific. I have been experimenting, and may have found the cause, albeit the symptoms were highly misleading.

I realized that plugging the keyboard on a different USB port seemed to fix the problem. I was plugging the kb on a USB 3 port, and the one that seems to work is a USB 2 port. Since then I have updated my USB drivers, which may have fixed the issue.

I have only done some short testing of this without riding. It is looking better, but still need to test it more thoroughly. Will probably retry tomorrow on a ride.

I’ll report back

Confirmed, it was bad USB 3 drivers. All good now