Using Drops for Foodbanks

Has Zwift every thought about creating a system so folks could donate their drops to aid good causes, like food banks? I’m certain that corporate partners (like major food chains) might be interested in aligning with Zwift in this worth endeavour.

Hey Dave, welcome to the club.

What you propose sounds intriguing but I wonder where would the drop countervalue come from. What did you have in mind?

I think that’s a great idea. I’d be happy to donate my current 14 million drops towards a good cause.


Good question. I’m just thinking out loud about strategic partnerships. Eg there are also programs that provide bikes to students in developing countries to assist them with getting to school. Would be a perfect partnership as well.

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I love the idea of being able to put those drops to good use. I wonder if companies might be interested in sponsoring the donations as a form of advertising and philanthropy for example a bike manufacturer offering to pay so much for every million drops donated during a certain time. It could really build a lot of good will for the companies and allow cyclists to support charities. $1 for 1000 points would be $100 per million. I know I never buy anything and have 7 million just sitting there.


If you want to donate money to food banks, donate to food banks. If you want Zwift, grocery stores, or other companies to donate money, tell them to do so. But your drops aren’t worth anything and it’s no sacrifice for you to “donate your drops”.


Yes, I get what you are saying. And I do donate to good causes. But aren’t the drops actually worth something on the Zwift drop store? And they also signify a customer who has spent a lot of time and money on Zwift. Much like Air Miles here in Canada. People have a choice to donate their Air Miles or use them on the Air Miles store. It’s a very similar concept.

With Air Miles though you can get real things that are worth real money, unlike Drops. So donating Air Miles to charity saves the airline money and means they can afford to give the money to charity instead. Which is a win-win.

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