"user manual"

Hi there, new to beta and just trying to figure out all the cool features.
I stumbled across how to change views, so that is cool.
Wondering if there is a rough “users manual” out there to outline any other cool trick or features?

Also i read somewhere it is possible to change directions in the ride? Is that true? How do you do that?

Also if we wanted to create a “group ride” how are people doing that?


This is an unofficial answer but to my knowledge there is no “user manual” for the beta at present. If you check these forums a lot of info has been shared among the users.

To change views use keys 1-9

For gesture and/or pre-determined phrases coded into the software use the “F” keys 1-9.

It’s not possible to change directions yet. Those that are seeing that are encountering a bug.

If you want to create a group ride just post the time you want to ride in the General Discussion forum and encourage people to show up and ride with you. It’s not yet possible to create a group ride that is private to just you and invited guests.


Hi Ryan, I agree - I’ve already hit a couple of configuration puzzles that support has been extremely quick to respond to, but I was wondering if these kind of things should somehow be pasted into a “read this first” sticky like in other forums, so that as the Beta grows people aren’t asking the same question? There seem to be some basic questions on Set-up, Sensor Integration, Views/Keyboard shortcuts/Strava integration etc that could be put in one place and people would get a good leg up.

Hi Guys,

Unfortunately, ZenDesk forums aren’t… the best… at being forums. Until we figure out and integrate a real solution, we can’t really sticky posts to the top.

We have an FAQ on our main support page with many answers to common questions (and we’re adding more all the time) but, for now, we don’t have that ability.

There is an unofficial Web manual. At Www.titaniumgeek.com. Explaining the challenges, boosts and importantly the keyboard shortcuts 

And the unofficial Zwift manual at http://goo.gl/W8XeeX

Last weekend I did a large update to the Zwift Unofficial Guide to cover all the new changes since moving to the new Watopia Island

I keep adding to it as new things develop