User controlled display options and watt-zones

Merry Christmas every one.

I would like to request the option to design ones own individuel display set up. Since I don’t believe that everyone will want the same, the ideal solution will be to have a list of possible features to implement on your screen. This would also mimic the real life experience of having a head unit like the Garmin 1000, where you can choose from a variety of options. Accordingly I think it should be possible to turn off everything, you don’t want, like the list of other riders or the current gradient.


Also coming from a competitors software, I really miss the feature of having displayed which power-zone i’m currently riding. This can be done by colour, so zone 3 is green while zone 4 is yellow and 5 is red. These colours would be the background of the actual number.


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Make sure you vote up the other request like this also, it helps to let Zwift know what the users want.

i want that feature

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