Use Powertap P1 as power source with Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+. Calibration needed?

Hope the answer to my question would be a quick and easy one.

I have the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ resistance unit on my rollers. I also have the Powertap P1 pedals.

My Zwift session is set up such that the P1 pedals are used as power source while the Qubo is the controllable trainer.

My question is, do I still need to calibrate the Qubo to my power meter even though it’s not being used as power source? Will Zwift still accurately control the resistance of the Qubo unit based on the power sent by the P1 pedals?



I don’t have a separate power meter (I plan on getting those power tap pedals :slight_smile: ).

However, on my Tacx Neo, in Zwift there are two power meters – the normal power meter (like a power tap pedal I assume) and the controlled power meter. If I select the normal power meter, Erg mode is not available in the workout. I have to select the trainer’s controlled power meter. I assume it would be the same for the Elite (I have this trainer too, but it’s in it’s box, and I forget if Zwift sees two power meters like it does for the Tacx Neo).

I was thinking of training with power tap pedals (planning on getting them for when I go out in the good weather), but the fact that Erg mode only seems available to a trainer’s controllable power meter has put me off buying them in the short term.

Your Elite Qubo should already be calibrated (mine was). Although there is a procedure to re-calibrate it (see the Elite forums). My gut feeling (I could be wrong though) is you can just ignore your power tap pedals if you want to have Erg mode enabled in workouts.